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TIP - ISO 20022 Translator

Comprehensive SWIFT Messaging Solution

TIP which stands for Trade Finance ISO Migration Platform offers a robust SWIFT messaging solution tailored for banks and financial institutions. It encompasses features for creating, verifying, authorizing, and reconciling messages. Additionally, it facilitates matching, archiving, routing, and seamless integration with local systems, ensuring efficient message management.

TIP Is For You If You Are..

A financial entity linked to the SWIFT global payment network
A financial organization preparing for a seamless transition to ISO 20022
A financial institution aiming to enhance STP rates and decrease operational expenses.
A bank interested in leveraging GPI to provide an improved cross-border payments experience to your clientele

Centralize and streamline all payment networks and messaging data on a single intuitive platform

Netlink Payment Hub serves as a centralized repository for messaging data, storing your institution’s extensive data and providing live message search and display functionalities.

Enable smooth integration between your core
banking or payments system and NPH and
SWIFT Alliance Access via various methods
such as MQSeries, AFT (with LAU), or APIs,
facilitating translation across different
payment infrastructures and messaging

Monitor your payment’s progress, delivery date, and final amount via SWIFT GPI tracking within the tool, and share this information with your customers through APIs
Automate payment confirmations seamlessly with NPH’s Universal Confirmations feature, which matches MT copies and applies business workflows according to the rulebook, requiring no integration or changes to existing processes.