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SWIFT Professional Services

A full spectrum of SWIFT professional services

Netlink offers a full suite of SWIFT professional services, providing expertise in infrastructure design, implementation, upgrades,
and maintenance. Their team of experts delivers cutting-edge technology and consultation, with cost-effective integration solutions
tailored for businesses

Have your SWIFT infrastructure expertly managed

SWIFT Annual System Support adheres to vendor certification standards, ensuring regular operational checks and thorough infrastructure monitoring
With our middleware Prolink, achieve seamless and cost-effective integration and implementation of SWIFT gpi and ISO 20022, minimizing impact on legacy systems
Our team of experts, including PCI (QSA), CISSP, ISO 27001 LA, CEH, and SWIFT specialists, offer comprehensive support in complying with the Customer Security Programme, from assessment to complete implementation, leveraging their combined expertise in SWIFT and security measures.
Field Services – Our ad hoc field services ensure that your SWIFT environment adheres to top operational standards, providing comprehensive coverage across all aspects
Offering SWIFT expertise and support, we provide training on various topics, including messaging, security, and administration, either remotely or on-site, ensuring comprehensive skill development for your team.