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Safeguarding Finance Companies Against Money Laundering

FinanceShield AML streamlines AML and compliance management for financial institutions with a tailored solution. It encompasses individual client risk assessment, real-time screening against sanctions lists, and compliance monitoring. From identifying suspicious entities to analysis and regulatory reporting, it covers the entire AML cycle with user-friendly features

CompliaGuard Enterprise Is For You If You Are..

A financial entity offering remittance, currency exchange, or payment services to individual customers. An organization that mandates AML and KYC compliance checks for its corporate clientele.

Engage with various API service providers through
A unified platform

Streamlined API Management

API Nexus efficiently handles all APIs subscribed by your organization, including specific headers such as certificates and authorization headers

Enhanced Security Measures

API Nexus ensures secure access by assigning a unique code and access token for authentication of all API requests. It further verifies the request origins by cross-referencing IPs and checks for data integrity with Data Incognito before processing.

Highly Customizable

The API Nexus configuration interface enables you to customize APIs from different service providers, supporting both SOAP and Rest APIs configuration.

Define Request/Response Contracts

Align your organization’s methods and parameters with API Nexus, creating packages that consolidate various service provider APIs into standardized request/ response contracts.