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ExchangeSync Pro

Your All-in-One Money Management Solution

ExchangeSync Pro is the go-to solution for money exchange and remittance operations. Trusted by banks and money exchange businesses, it simplifies currency exchange, online remittances, branch management, and more. With its comprehensive support, ExchangeSync Pro handles every aspect of the money exchange and remittance business seamlessly.

‌ExchangeSync Pro Is For You If You Are..

“A Money Exchange Firm with numerous branches and cost centers”
“A financial institution facilitating international remittances for both individual and business clientele”

Centralize Your Money Exchange Management Functions with a
Single Solution

Oversee Transactions from Start to Finish

ExchangeSync Pro facilitates the management of entire transaction lifecycles, allowing you to process payments irrespective of payment instruments, originating channels, hosting modules, and payment networks.

Establish FX Rates Within a Structured System

ExchangeSync Pro empowers you to establish rates tailored to your branches, customer demographics, service categories, and even correspondents for specific corridors.

Effectively handle workflows

ExchangeSync Pro empowers you to customize diverse workflows according to your business processes, incorporating maker-checker controls for essential master data, data transmission, and cancellations.

Effectively oversee financial and accounting operations

ExchangeSync Pro features an integrated financial and accounting management system, supporting multiple currencies, providing realtime transaction updates, and enabling the generation of trial balances and statements. This capability allows for efficient management of all branches and profit centers.

Efficiently incorporate correspondent networks

ExchangeSync Pro utilizes the Smart Connect API Integration platform to efficiently integrate and link you with your global correspondent and financial institution partners. You can customize and adapt your correspondent rules and parameters, such as cost rates, commissions, and bank charges, to suit the unique needs of your business.

Effective information management is crucial within
ExchangeSync Pro

Customer Information Management with ExchangeSync Pro

ExchangeSync Pro is designed to manage comprehensive profiles of both corporate entities and individual clients. You can effortlessly upload, edit, and maintain information pertaining to your existing and new customers, including their KYC documents.

Efficient Management of Multiple Beneficiary Profiles

Within ExchangeSync Pro, you have the capability to store and manage multiple beneficiary profiles efficiently. To enhance organization, these profiles can be categorized based on the currencies they transact in, along with comprehensive details such as beneficiary banking information, SWIFT, IBAN, and BIC codes.

Enhance DecisionMaking with Customer Insights

ExchangeSync Pro provides invaluable information to enhance decision-making processes. Critical data such as customer attrition scores and profitability measures are readily accessible. These insights can be leveraged to develop front-end applications, enabling you to better serve your customers.