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CurrenSync Hub

Streamline Your Global Money Transfers

CurrenSync Hub is a web-based solution for banks and financial institutions, simplifying money transfers across currencies, locations,
and agents. It seamlessly integrates with existing platforms, allowing centralized management of agents and sub-agents globally for
efficient international transfers.

ExchangeSync Pro Is For You If You Are

“A money transfer company with numerous agent and sub-agent locations operating within the online money transfer
sector and boasting multiple branches”
“A bank offering money transfer services to its customers through its physical branches”

Effortlessly oversee your money transfer service with
CurrenSync Hub

Effectively oversee your worldwide agent network

You can configure multiple agents and sub-agents in various currencies, each adjusting commission, service charges, and cost rates. Sub-agents, under registered agents, can define payouts based on their locations.

Establish FX Rates Within a Structured System

On CurrenSync Hub, manage multi-currency money transfers across different countries in your global agent network. Choose language preferences based on agent and sub-agent regions

Efficiently handle financial and accounting tasks

With CurrenSync Hub, you’ll have built-in financial and accounting management, multi-currency support, real-time updates, and detailed statements showing the financial status of agents and sub-agents.

Effectively handle workflows

With CurrenSync Hub, outline various workflows tailored to your business needs, including maker checker processes for critical data and transaction management.

Handle inward payments and establish FX rates within a structured system

CurrenSync Hub efficiently manages inward payments, regardless of their origin, and allows flexible setup of FX rates customized to agent and sub-agent locations.

Generate industry and country standard reports effortlessly

CurrenSync Hub generates diverse reports for agents, agent locations, and banks, supporting multiple file formats including XML, CSV, and text files.