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AMH DB Health

Efficient financial messaging with hosted Oracle database, ideal for stability.

Alliance Message Hub ( AMH ) is only available with hosted ( external ) Oracle database as opposed to Swift Alliance Access which is avilable with embedded database. This means that the Oracle database must be managed as well as the AMH application. In some cases, i.e. IBM focused customers – Oracle may not be a common/often used infra structure component. AMH installation documentation does specify recommended value for some parameters -but not all parameters available for Oracle are specified. A good understanding of the operational aspects of the Oracle database is important to system stability, resiliancy and pro-active monitoring.

Lessons Learned

This application is a direct result of lessons learned from multiple AMH greenfield deployments and SAA > AMH migrations. Some aspects are relevant to Oracle DBA i.e. such as table space growth, etc while there are aspects relevant to the AMH administrator i.e. AMH User expiry.


As an example of the types of roles forseen who would find this useful :

Oracle DBA : table spaces, instance name, overall oracle db health – green or amber or red
AMH Administrator : AMH User expiry, partitions with non final transactions
AMH Architects : DB size for assessment of archiving procedures

User Interface Features

An attractive and useful range of display options are provided to enhance management reporting and to allow visualization of properties normally hidden from view and presented in digestable format, enhancing the udnerstanding outside the pure technical teams involved.

PIE Chart


Export to excel


This panel displays overall information such as

  • hostname
  • instance name
  • ip address
  • DB uptime
  • traffic light to show AMH AB connectivity

AMH Users

The AMH user expiry is often over-looked or is at least subject of discussing especially in SAA > AMH migration. Security generally will not allow non expiry of application user, however this does man the AMH administrators must be alert to the AMH application expiry date.


This panel confirms the naming of table space as specified by AMH Installation guide.


Database size and growth can be monitored over time in order to detect any unusual changes. Inaddition it is possible to export and share these details for management reporting.

Datafile SIZE

Parameters Utilization

Oracle Database CPU USED BY AMH

Partitions Details AND Message Count

Incomplete AMH Transactions

AMH GUI 23.11.2023

AMH GUI 23.11.2023

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